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RACELOGIC V-box Performance box vbox GPS navigation velocidade aceleração

RACELOGIC V-box Performance box vbox GPS navigation velocidade aceleração
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Fabricantes: Racelogic

Garantia: 90 dias

R$ 3.500,00
ou 3x de R$ 1.166,67 sem juros
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R$ 3.150,00 com 10% de desconto
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PerformanceBox é um GPS para performance que lhe permite medir força G, velocidade, tempos de volta, 0-100km/h, 100-200km/h, tempo de freio e muito mais.


A nova função Predictive Lap Timing (live comparison to best lap) lhe fornece instantaneamente o feedback da volta ajudando na hora para um melhor tempo.

Todos os parametros são salvos no cartão SD 10x por segundo.



  • Performance meter, lap timer, data logger and power calculator in one box
  • Accurate GPS logging at 10Hz
  • Backlit graphic LCD display
  • Choose between 6 different screens
  • Logs directly to SD card
  • Rugged plastic enclosure
  • Predictive Lap Timing
  • Inbuilt GPS antenna
  • Easy to use


Acceleration: 0-60, 0-100 / displays: Time, g-force
Braking: 60-0, 100-0 / displays: Time, distance, g-force
Distance: 60’, ¼mi, ½mi, 1mi / displays: Time, trap speed
Live G-Meter: Accel, Decel, cornering g-forces, with max G

Lap Time: Displays current lap, last lap, best lap 
Split Times: Displays split time or speed at a split point 
Virtual Start/Finish/Split Lines: Using GPS, there is no need for an external beacon or transmitter. Split lines can be easily saved and transferred.

Wheel HP Calculation: Enter your vehicle’s weight and run an acceleration to estimate wheel horsepower.
Flywheel HP Calculation: Perform a coast-down test to measure drag, and the PerformanceBox will calculate HP at the flywheel.

Speed: PerformanceBox also works as a highly accurate digital speedometer with compass, a handy feature for street driving. 
Accurate GPS speed can be used to calibrate a vehicle's speed readout.

Predictive mode enables you to graphically view your predicted lap time. 
Predictive lap timing works by saving your position around a circuit, every second. If the current lap is the fastest so far, then this positional data is saved as a reference.

This screen provides the ability toconfigure the input channels of a connected Micro Input Moduleand view the data on each of the input module channels.
A Micro Input Module allows 4 analogue and 1 digital (RPM) inputs.

Predictive Lap Timing

PB-PredictiveInstant driver feedback

Predictive Lap Timing gives you an invaluable insight into how your current lap time compares with your fastest lap time. 

To achieve our unrivalled accuracy, we compare two different laps using GPS position rather than distance, 10 times a second. This means our lap time stays accurate, even if you take a different line each lap. 

Read more about how it works.

Circuit Tools Analysis Software

Circuit Tools software is a Windows based data analysis package that comes with Video VBOX, VBOX Sport, DriftBox and PerformanceBox.

CT GPS Only-lb
The software is designed by racing drivers, for racing drivers, with none of the complexity normally associated with analysis software.

DB-sd-cardEasy to use

To analyse your track data, simply insert the SD card with your recorded data into your PC and select a file.

Huge track database

The software automatically detects the country, circuit and track configuration from a database of almost 500 circuits and uses the start/finish line information to separate the laps contained in your recorded file.

The fastest lap from your latest session is automatically chosen and displayed on the graph window. You can compare runs from this session, or from previous ones simply by clicking on the relevant lap time shown in the session window.

Lap time difference channel

Time difference or 'Delta-T' is a very useful channel that shows the lap time difference between two different laps.


More about Circuit Tools Driver Analysis Software.

Performance Tools

This software allows you to analyse your vehicle's performance in a range of acceleration and braking tests.

To use the data logging, simply insert the 64MB SD card (which gives up to 53 hours of logging) and drive. Once you have finished the test, either plug the PerformanceBox into a PC via the USB cable provided, or remove the SD card and place it in a suitable reader.
Performance Box Tools Screenshots
The data is then read into the Performance Tools software, which is installed from the CD supplied.

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